Early latin

EARLY LATIN (2011) Digital release only

Mambo for ten toes 4.26
Jobim 6.30
Happy go lucky 4.26
Tommatumbao 6.57
Heart 7.46
Freestyle samba 5.15
Managua 6.04
Títómas 3.46
Heart (vocal version) 5.51
Original releases:
1,2: Á góðum degi (1998). 3,4,5: Undir 4 (2000). 6: Hinsegin
blús (LP 1987). 7: Þessi ófétis jazz (LP 1985). 8,9: Let Jazz Be
bestowed on the huts (2005)
Early Latin is a compilation of Einarsson´s Latin tunes from 1985 to 2000. It includes his homage to Antonio Carlos Jobim, titled Jobim, as well as the sambas Managua and Freestyle Samba, which became a hit in Iceland in 1987. Seven tunes out of nine are instrumental, but two tracks include vocals: Títómas and Heart, both recorded in 2005. Heart is a classic bolero (here also included in the original instrumental version), superbly performed by the female vocalist Kristjana Stefánsdóttir, and Títómas (dedicated to Tito Puente as well as the composer) is a vocal duo of her and Þorvaldur Þorvaldsson. This is the fourth version of Títómas; it was originally released on Kúbanska (2002) and on LIVE! (2009) are two versions of the tune, the first one recorded in Reykjavik and the second at Le Club in Moscow. Among the musicians on Early Latin are the Danish trumpet virtuoso Jens Winther (1960-2010), as well as the versatile pianist/keyboardist Eythor Gunnarsson, best known for his work with the fusion group Mezzoforte and a composer of their greatest hit, Garden Party.

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