1. Kirkjuból 3.46
  2. Hólaá 4.06
  3. Leysingjastaðahlíð 4.37
  4. Þiðriksvallavatn 3.55
  5. Hrófá 3.39
  6. Gilsfjörður 3.24
  7. Halldórshús 4.04
  8. Selvík 4.00
  9. Skagaströnd 3.26
  10. Krókur 4.01
  11. Blönduós 4.03
  12. Til Ástríðar 5.09

Composer, double-bass: Tómas R. Einarsson
Percussion: Matthías MD Hemstock
Water sounds: creeks, rivers, lakes and sea

Strengur includes twelve songs for double-bass, percussion, water sounds and videos. Einarsson recorded different water sounds in the Icelandic countryside where his ancestors lived and these sounds mix with the percussion and the double-bass which here is the leading voice. On the DVD one can listen to the music and follow the movements of the water in 12 different videos. Strengur was performed for the first time at the Reykjavik Arts Festival 2011.“The Icelandic word “strengur” usually refers to a string in an instrument. There are four “strengir” (strings) in a double-bass. But “strengur” can also mean a strong current in creeks and rivers and there is a “strengur” between me and my forefathers. All these “strengir” can be found in the STRENGUR project.” From Einarsson´s liner notes

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